All our shakes are blended with whole milk and a choice of gelato. You can ask for a milkshake with any gelato and substitute whole milk for coconut, almond, rice, or soy milk.

Davinci: choice of gelato + chocolate syrup
Romeo and Juliet: chocolate gelato + banana + peanut butter
Michelangelo: coffee gelato + shot of espresso
Colada: coconut gelato + banana + pineapple
Cookies and Cream: cookies and cream gelato + chocolate syrup
Banana Killer: peanut butter gelato + banana + Oreo cookies
Creamsicle: vanilla gelato + orange juice (instead of milk)
Galileo: strawberry gelato + banana

You can add chocolate or vanilla protein.


All our smoothies are blended with juice or milk and frozen yogurt.

Amalfi: orange juice + banana + raspberry + pineapple + mango
Tropical: coconut mik + pineapple + mango + banana
Venetian: milk (coconut, almond, rice, or soy) + blueberry + banana
Berry Fusion: pineapple juice + mixed berries
Vespa: orange juice + strawberry + banana
Florentine: orange juice + raspberry + banana

You can add chocolate or vanilla protein.