Topped with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, walnuts, sprinkes, and a waffle cookie.


Italian Sodas and Slushies

We prepare our italian sodas and slushies with Fabbri all-natural fruit syrup. Here is the list of flavors we have:

Fabbri Mixy Bar Flavors Cherry Coconut Kiwi Lime Lemon Mango Mint Orange Papaya Pineapple Raspberry Strawberry Watermelon


Layered cup with gelato, fruit, glaze and syrup, topped with whipped cream, chocolate stracciatella and a waffle cookie.

Romeo and Juliet: chocolate gelato + banana + chocolate glaze + peanut butter
Frutti di Bosco: mixed berries gelato + blueberries + raspberries + strawberry glaze
Colada Parfait: coconut gelato + pineapple + banana + caramel sauce
Tanti Baci: fior di latte gelato + strawberries + caramel sauce + chocolate chips + cherry glaze
Oreo Parfait: cookies and cream gelato + Oreo crumbs + mini marshmallows + chocolate glaze



A scoop of gelato in a cup of soda.

Root Beer Float: root beer with vanilla gelato
Creamsicle Float: orange soda with vanilla gelato
Lemon Float: lemon lime soda with lemon sorbet
Italian Hot Chocolate Float: vanilla gelato, hot chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles